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This tool is designed to help you object quickly and concisely to the planning application for an Extra Care Home currently submitted by Rectory Homes at The Elms in the heart of Thame town centre.

You can choose what objections you would like to place. You can even add your own personal objections.

Here are the links to the current planning application available on the SODC website:

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If so, you will need to submit your objections using this tool again. This is a completely different application to all previous ones submitted and therefore you need to object again.

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If you choose not to make any alterations to the objections then this could take you as little as 2 minutes to complete.

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We encourage you to try to understand this situation as fully as possible. It is a very complex and long running situation and we've tried to put together a large amount of information on our website, click here to go to the homepage to find out more. Alternatively contact us with any specific questions you may have.

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Application for 69 Extra Care Home

Objections to the application for 69 Extra Care homes

This application is for the erection of an Extra Care Home (over 65s only) comprising 69 flats, houses, guest bedrooms and a communal residents centre. The application is for Class C2 which is the same commercial useage as hospitals and training centres. This is not residential use and there will be absolutely no affordable homes and only people aged over 65 will be eligible to lease the properties.

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Please feel free to add to these objections or edit them as you find appropriate.

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