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"Deeply Damaging"

How English Heritage described the development of The Elms in 2012.


"Important Open Space"

How South Oxfordshire District Coucil classify The Elms


English Heritage Reinforces Position Against Planning Application

English Heritage, the national organisation in place to protect the historic assets of the UK, has issued a statement today to clarify their position against the current application for development work at The Elms.

In a statement released this morning, an English Heritage spokesman said:

"We became involved with The Elms two years ago when the site was proposed for development as part of the Thame Neighbourhood Plan. We raised concerns at the time that housing on this site could be harmful to the grade II listed villa and the surrounding conservation area. However, further investigations suggested that the eastern part of the site is not as closely linked with the main listed building as we thought, so we accepted limited housing there. The Plan did state though that the area to the south of The Elms should remain undeveloped.

"Recently, the site's owners produced new proposals which involve housing on the land to the south of The Elms. We are not able to support these plans as they currently stand as they would contravene the agreed Neighbourhood Plan and be harmful to the setting of this important historic listed building."


This statement by English Heritage clearly reinforces their letter of November 2012 which stated that any development of The Elms would be 'deeply damaging' - you can read the full details of that letter here.