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"Deeply Damaging"

How English Heritage described the development of The Elms in 2012.


"Important Open Space"

How South Oxfordshire District Coucil classify The Elms


Wear Yellow To Shakespeare in The Elms to See What Thame Could Lose

NEWS RELEASE – 3rd July 2014

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The Elms Petition Group are urging the residents of Thame to go and see The Elms for themselves by attending the Thame Players production of Much Ado About Nothing being hosted in the grounds of The Elms next week and are asking all supporters to wear something yellow to show their support.


The Elms Petition Group, Thame's leading opposition group to development of The Elms, is giving its full support to the forthcoming theatrical production of Shakespeare's classic play Much Ado About Nothing which is being held in the grounds of The Elms all next week.

The production is being put on by local theatre company, Thame Players, and is a fantastic opportunity for the residents and friends of Thame to see The Elms for themselves.  It is hoped that it will increase the awareness of exactly what will be lost if The Elms is developed into a housing estate.

You can buy tickets for the production online here.

In order to show support for the campaign to save the elms, Elms Petition Group are asking each and every person attending to wear something yellow, such as a t-shirt, jumper, ribbon, socks or for the more adventurous, yellow trousers.

Speaking on behalf of the group, local resident Peter Webb said "We are delighted to see The Elms is being used for a public performance such as this.  We thoroughly commend the current custodian of The Elms, Simon Vickers for opening up the grounds of his retirement home to the people of Thame in the same spirit that previous custodians including Leonard Purser have done before."

The Elms was previously owned by local entrepreneur Leonard Purser, whose family eventually sold The Elms to Simon Vickers, owner of development company Rectory Homes, in 2010.  For decades during the mid 1900s The Elms grounds including the field was opened up to the residents of Thame for an annual Fete.  The rest of the year, the field was used by local farmers as pastureland for grazing their livestock.  Only since the acquisition of The Elms by Simon Vickers has this practice of grazing ceased.

Mr Webb goes on to say "The groundswell of support opposing the development of The Elms has never been greater and this is an ideal opportunity for the town to see exactly what it is going to be lost if development goes ahead.  We encourage all town residents and friends to support their local theatrical group by attending this production but we ask that you wear something yellow to show your support to save The Elms."

In order to officially oppose the development of The Elms, any member of the public can sign the Elms Petition in multiple ways including using the online petition at Change.org, by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., signing in person at Petcare on Thame High Street or phoning the Elms Petition Hotline on 01844 555112.

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