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"Deeply Damaging"

How English Heritage described the development of The Elms in 2012.


"Important Open Space"

How South Oxfordshire District Coucil classify The Elms


Press Releases

Town Plan Can Be Changed!

Town Plan Can be Changed But Council Continues to Refuse to Acknowledge The Elms as an Issue

The fantastic news that the Town Plan can be changed was delivered at last night's Full Council meeting at Thame Town Hall.  Following an impassioned statement from the Elms Petition Group, Mrs Beryl Guiver Of South Oxfordshire District Council, confirmed that a Neighbourhood Plan could be changed by virtue of undertaking the plan process again.

A spokesperson from The Elms Petition group has responded to this by saying "When do we start?"

Supported by a substantial proportion of the residents of Thame, The Elms Petition group suggests that the only amendment that needs to be made is deleting The Elms from the Neighbourhood Plan.  Of course, the housing currently earmarked for The Elms is already reallocated to other sites in the case that development of The Elms does not happen.  As this is the case, clearly the existing plan minus The Elms can be put up for public consultation with minimal cost and in the shortest timespan possible be passed by a further referendum.

The remainder of the meeting went as anticipated, with the council proceeding to give a dressing down to those that are opposing The Elms inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan.  Consisting of a well orchestrated defence of any wrongdoing lead mostly by Cllrs Dyer, Welply, Lambert and Butler and finally being brought to a close by a motion of confidence in the Neighbourhood Plan which was unanimously passed allowing the councillors to give themselves a good pat on the back for a job well done.

Once again, the Town Council were given the opportunity to acknowledge that there is an issue with the town plan but they continue to ignore the calls of over 2000 petitioners including the 150 strong crowd in attendance.

English Heritage Reinforces Position Against Planning Application

English Heritage, the national organisation in place to protect the historic assets of the UK, has issued a statement today to clarify their position against the current application for development work at The Elms.

In a statement released this morning, an English Heritage spokesman said:

"We became involved with The Elms two years ago when the site was proposed for development as part of the Thame Neighbourhood Plan. We raised concerns at the time that housing on this site could be harmful to the grade II listed villa and the surrounding conservation area. However, further investigations suggested that the eastern part of the site is not as closely linked with the main listed building as we thought, so we accepted limited housing there. The Plan did state though that the area to the south of The Elms should remain undeveloped.

"Recently, the site's owners produced new proposals which involve housing on the land to the south of The Elms. We are not able to support these plans as they currently stand as they would contravene the agreed Neighbourhood Plan and be harmful to the setting of this important historic listed building."


This statement by English Heritage clearly reinforces their letter of November 2012 which stated that any development of The Elms would be 'deeply damaging' - you can read the full details of that letter here.


Rectory Homes starts legal action against Thame Pensioner

Today, Tuesday 11th August 2014, a pensioner and lifelong Thame resident, Mr Ron Clanfield, received a letter from developers Rectory Homes Ltd notifying him that they have started legal proceedings against him for libel.

Mr Clanfield's crime? Speaking out against the development of The Elms in Thame by submitting an objection to the works on Elms Park to SODC.

This is the second time Rectory Homes have threatened legal action against Mr Clanfield after he dared to write a letter that was published in the Thame Gazette back in January this year.

The images below show the letter that Ron has submitted to SODC as his opposition to the application for works on Elms Park, firstly the letter that Simon Vickers, Chairman of Rectory Homes sent to Ron (but couldn't even be bothered to sign himself...).

ron legal letter001 redacted

The personal signature of David Ullathorne, CEO of Rectory Homes, has been redacted in the above letter at his request during Jan/Feb 2016.



Public Meeting to Discuss Development of The Elms on Thursday 14th August 19:30

In order to ensure the community of Thame fully understands the fact around the developments proposed on The Elms and Elms Park we will be holding a public meeting.  All members of the public are very welcome.


When: Thursday 14th August 2014 at 19:30

Where: Thame Barns Centre (Next door to St Mary's Church, Map Below or click here)


Read more: Public Meeting to Discuss Development of The Elms on Thursday 14th August 19:30

Rectory Homes Submits Planning Application for Elms Park

Planning Application Received for Elms Park

In an unexpected turn of events, Rectory Homes submitted a planning application on the 21st July 2014 to modify the public park known as Elm Park.  The application includes opening up a entrance to the park on the west side, into what is currently private land and moving the multi use games area (basketball court) away from the boundary with the Elms.

Read more: Rectory Homes Submits Planning Application for Elms Park

Wear Yellow To Shakespeare in The Elms to See What Thame Could Lose

NEWS RELEASE – 3rd July 2014

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The Elms Petition Group are urging the residents of Thame to go and see The Elms for themselves by attending the Thame Players production of Much Ado About Nothing being hosted in the grounds of The Elms next week and are asking all supporters to wear something yellow to show their support.

Read more: Wear Yellow To Shakespeare in The Elms to See What Thame Could Lose

Thame Town Council Ditch Conservation Committee

Thame Town Council have ditched the Conservation Area Advisory Committee, a 30 year old group comprised of knowledgeable local people who provide extra advice to Town Councillors to help them consider local planning applications.

Read full details in our article here.

Elms Petition Makes Impact at Thame Festival

This year's Thame Festival saw the Elms Petition Group continue their campaign to save The Elms from development.

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Elms Petition Group Relaunches with New Goal

Download the PDF of this release here

NEWS RELEASE – 28th May 2014

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Elms Petition Group relaunches with a new goal of using the collective voice of the residents of Thame to force Thame Town Council to hold a second referendum to remove The Elms from the Thame Neighbourhood Plan

Read more: Elms Petition Group Relaunches with New Goal